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Sounds Like a Cavity

It has been exciting to watch the proliferation of digital X-ray and Cone Beam 3D imaging products over the last several years. Even with the advancement of imaging technology, discussion continues about radiation exposure from dental imaging.  Of course, dentists and manufacturers alike … Continue reading

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Giving Dental Plaque the Blues

There has been quite a bit of discussion recently about the oral-systemic connection.  Discussion may be an understatement.  Debate may be a more accurate description.  Regardless of your position on this topic, almost no one can debate the importance of … Continue reading

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What’s about the Pinterest?

It is time I reached out for some help.  I have a fairly clear understanding of how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can fit into a marketing strategy.  Heck, I’ve even set up The Dunn Show Daily via  Recently I’ve been hearing, reading, … Continue reading

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