Chicago Mid Winter: Calm Before the IDS Storm

As I walked through the exhibit hall at last week’s Chicago Mid Winter dental meeting, my impression was that many manufacturers were not showing anything new.  It felt like the calm before the storm.  I expect that most are waiting for next month’s IDS to unveil their innovations.  However, this wasn’t the case entirely.  There were a few hidden gems, and some of them didn’t even have booths in the hall.

Symmetry Dental Direct – Frankly I never thought dental cabinetry and dental office design could be that exciting.  However, Symmetry Dental has developed a concept, Symmetry ID (integrated design), which is just that and answers a real need for dentists.  This system allows the dentist to choose from 15 interior design palates to fit their needs & tastes.  These templates can be customized for their unique office.  Symmetry Dental takes care of the design work, project coordination, etc.  This approach allows the dentist to focus on patients and the practice rather than interior design.

REALScoreREALScore was one of those gems without a booth.  This new service brings a scientific approach to answering the question of where to locate a new practice or how to evaluate objectively a practice for sale.  It uses sophisticated algorithms and mapping features to determine objectively metrics concerning patient flow, competition, patient demographics, etc.

Your Marketing Practice – Again, no booth, but a very noteworthy service.  Many practices wish they could have a marketing department.  Now they can.  Your Marketing Practice offers a suite of digital marketing services from website design to SEO to social media.  And they also provide marketing training via live, hands-on workshops, a real differentiator from similar services in the market.

TF Adaptive – I actually heard about this one after the show.  This is a new endo file & motor technology from Axis-Sybron Endo.  The system is based on Adaptive Motion Technology.  It detects pressure & torque on the file in the canal and changes between rotary and reciprocation motion accordingly.  

Also, I was able to catch up with friends from Brightsquid Dental and S-Ray, both of whom I have written about here before.  Shortly before Chicago Mid Winter, Brightsquid quietly announced their new Secure-Mail service.  This represents an affordable solution to the very real challenge of compliant communication of patient information.  S-Ray is making steady progress on their ultrasound dental imaging solution.  They look to be on schedule for their limited release program, slated to begin this summer.

I’d like to hear what you thought about this year’s Chicago Mid Winter show.  Fill out the form below or leave a comment to share your perspective.


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