It's Nevi with me and some new friends at ADHA2011

I have worked in marketing and business development leadership capacities for dental technology companies, large and small, since 2002. I served as a Product Manager and Director of Marketing for Sirona Dental’s CAD/CAM division, Vice President of Marketing & Digital Education for Spear Education, and Chief Marketing Officer for Biodenta North America. My experience ranges from market leaders through to challenger brands and start-ups.

I have also served as a management consultant, business development advisor, and an extension of the marketing team for a select group of dental technology and service companies.

Specific areas of expertise and interest include:
– Marketing plan development and implementation
– Product management
– New product launch planning and execution
– Integrated marketing communications campaign planning and implementation
– Distribution and strategic partnership development
– Dental trade and professional relations
– Social media and content marketing strategy development and execution
– Marketing team coaching and development

Feel free to contact me at or drop me a note via the contact form below.


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