An Invitation to Share Your Story

It's an Idea Room Session

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed helping to tell the story of a few new friends, introducing a guest author to this site, and, most recently, becoming a guest contributor at PlanetProto.  These specific experiences and the general endeavor of maintaining this site have led my thoughts to return once again to the concept of story.  We all have our own to tell, and, more importantly, we all contribute to the greater tale of our various communities.  The intent of this site has been to attempt to share my view, my story, about a community which I love and am proud to be a part of:  the dental trade.

Now, I would like to broaden the intent and create a larger story, a better story.  Rather than just my views, I want to add yours.  What dental industry experiences would you like to tell us about?  What knowledge, insights, and passion can you share?  What innovations do you want to inform the dental industry about?  I invite you to contribute here, to share with us, to tell your story.

Simply contact me with your idea(s) or article(s) or send them via email to  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


About jmichaeldunn

A self-proclaimed "dental geek", I am passionate about the dental industry, oral health, and dental technology marketing. I have spent the last decade in various marketing capacities for dental technology companies. I enjoy talking about dental marketing with just about anyone and helping companies grow through developing innovative and integrated marketing communications campaigns.
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3 Responses to An Invitation to Share Your Story

  1. Hey Michael, Great post and thank you for sharing your platform. I would like to contribute this post here: . Let me know your thoughts? (Marketing is my passion)


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