Priceless Benefits of Going Digital

Brightsquid Dental Collaboration PlatformIn a previous article, I predicted several dental product categories to watch for explosive growth and user adoption this year.  I recently became acquainted with the folks at Proto3000, a company dedicated to enabling digital workflows in a variety of industries.  They offer a number of solutions in two of the dental product categories I mentioned, Digital Impression & CAD/CAM devices and 3D Printing.  I’m very pleased to announce that I will be contributing to their site, PlanetProto, sharing my views and insights on digital dentistry.

My first post over on PlanetProto concerns three often overlooked benefits of making the transition to digital workflows.  In dentistry, the gains in productivity, efficiency, and precision associated with moving from manual procedures and workflows to digital ones are readily apparent.  Whether only one step in a process or the complete process itself is digitized, the benefits are abundant.  However, there are some advantages to adopting digital dentistry workflows which, while more difficult to calculate an ROI, are just as important.  Take a peek at the rest of the article over on PlanetProto for three priceless benefits of going digital.


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A self-proclaimed "dental geek", I am passionate about the dental industry, oral health, and dental technology marketing. I have spent the last decade in various marketing capacities for dental technology companies. I enjoy talking about dental marketing with just about anyone and helping companies grow through developing innovative and integrated marketing communications campaigns.
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