Capt. Phil & Dad

As Discovery Channel is airing Captain Phil’s last episode tonight on Deadliest Catch, it seems that people are crawling out of the woodwork talking about him.  So I guess I’m crawling now too.  It is interesting how many people watch that show.  I always expect to get bored by it as it can be quite repetitive…wow, there’s ice on the deck in Opilio season.  Yet it never ceases to be riveting.

The crews are the reason why.  Real people like Captain Phil, out in one of the true last frontiers, risk their lives, and we get a glimpse into it.  I’m always amazed that they do it.

For some reason, Captain Phil always reminded me of my own father.  Don’t ask me why.  Dad didn’t have any tattoos, wasn’t a fisherman, and didn’t have a mullet.  He was a hard-working and honest man though, and he told it like it was.  He was fun, tough, and kind.  He died almost 6 years ago now, and his birthday is coming up in a couple of days, July 15.  Whenever I see Capt. Phil on-screen, I just can’t help but miss my own dad.  Tonight I’ll be missing them both.

Both Dad and Capt. Phil were the kind of guys everyone got along with and to whom everybody could relate.  They were the kind of guy, regardless of vocation or social stratus, you could just have a beer with.  They were the kind of guy you wanted to have a beer with.  So, tonight I raise my glass to them both.  I’ll miss you.


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